At Herboo, gardens transcend physical spaces. From seed packets to growing guides, grow kits to style inspiration—Herboo serves as an inspiration hub, encouraging everyone to cultivate a garden. Founded by Henry, Herboo was born out of a desire to simplify the journey of growing plants and establishing a garden. Residing in London, navigating rented spaces, and frequent moves, Henry understands the challenges of interior decoration constraints. Despite this, he always found solace in cultivating window boxes and transforming gardens into tranquil retreats. Herboo aims to demystify gardening and make it accessible to all, while Pinterest abounds with dreamy garden boards, city dwellers face unique challenges like limited space and light, often feeling overwhelmed amidst conflicting advice. Herboo addresses this by offering a curated selection of seeds, style-centric sets, and beginner-friendly kits, streamlining the process of starting and enjoying a garden.