Fair Zone

FAIR ZONE have been making fair trade products for at-home use and gardening, which can be a first step towards a plastic-free home. To achieve this goal, they develop and produce quality products in transparently traceable production processes together with fair trade partners. This means they pay an extra price for the ingredients that they source from poor regions of the world. This money is used to improve the producers’ living and working conditions including those of the plantation workers and small farmers as well as their families on site.

FAIR ZONE stands for fair treatment of all parties involved in the production process and their personal claim is humane working conditions, ecologically sustainable management and the consistent renunciation of animal testing and child labour.

Fair trade really does pay off. So they moved forward with the idea of reinventing the household, gardening and leisure sectors – with sustainable, renewable and biodegradable material, which definitely has the potential to make plastic redundant in many items!