Cycle of Good

Cycle of good currently employ 33 Malawian tailors full time, but with ambitions to grow this to a team of 100, they earn a good wage and can support their families, without any charity donations or handouts.

They collect waste inner tubes and other materials saved from landfill, ship them in containers filled with donated bicycles, to Malawi where tailors carefully craft what was waste into useful and beautiful items.

Their ethos is to value people, their team and customers, and treat them fairly.
To value resources by reducing waste, recycling wherever possible and care for our environment by being frugal in the way they work.
Be creative yet practical in their innovations, only making useful products you need, designed to last a lifetime.

Situated in Chilomoni Township, Malawi, the enterprises together employ 500 people who have trained and worked to create businesses that fund a vital children’s centre.
The centre provides early years care and family support to around 2000 vulnerable children at any one time. It’s a quiet revolution of skills building and economic growth in a country with no welfare state: if you don’t earn, you don’t eat.

What’s even better is that many of the enterprises are part of a circular economy; reusing unwanted or waste products from the UK and turning them into profit, shipping by sea in shared container space and using plastic free packaging on all items.