Cocoba believe in creating great quality chocolate products for all to enjoy, searching the globe for the highest quality cocoa beans and best tasting chocolate. The concept for the chocolate brand started with a memory of Cocoba’s founder, Darren. He grew up in Australia sharing delicious hot chocolates with his grandfather that he carefully made, not from powder, but using real, premium chocolate.

The plastic trays used to hold their chocolates, truffles and hot chocolates are fully recyclable, and are made from at least 50% recycled materials, glass jars and gift tins used can all be re-used and customers are encouraged to do so. They also ensure that all cardboard which is used on site is broken down and recycled and are actively making progress towards becoming paper-free in their Head Office.

Cocoba only work with chocolate producers that believe in sustainability for their farmers. Giving added value for every part of the cocoa supply chain; from farmers all the way through to you, the consumers.

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