In the heart of the big BEAR cave, BEAR crafts his exceptional REAL tasty yoyos, these delectable fruit snacks are gently baked with 100% natural ingredients, embodying the essence of simplicity and purity. BEAR's commitment to health is evident in every bite – their tasty fruit yoyos count as one of the essential five-a-day servings, contain no added sugar, and derive sweetness solely from the natural sugars found in fruit and vegetables. They stand as the grrreatest snack choice for Cubs, embodying a perfect blend of flavour and nutritional goodness.
But BEAR is more than just a snacking sensation; BEAR gives back. Acknowledging the generosity of the world we inhabit, BEAR actively supports local communities, inspires the next generation, and champions environmental protection. BEAR is not just about crafting delightful snacks; it's a movement that educates consumers about their BEARilliant world, sharing insights into the brand's efforts to love and safeguard the planet. With a deep sense of care for the environment, BEAR recognises its impact and strives for continual improvement, growing towards a better tomorrow for our shared world and all its inhabitants.