ALT. is a Norwegian company renowned for crafting award-winning non-alcoholic wines rooted in high-quality raw materials. Driven by a quest for character, complexity, honest tastes, and authenticity, ALT. produces organically grown wines without added flavourings, concentrates, or any undesirable additives. Committed to transparency, their honest products boast a concise list of ingredients, offering a refreshing alternative in the non-alcoholic beverage landscape.

At ALT. Drinks, their innovative approach blends traditional winemaking methods with cutting-edge technology to create the most delectable non-alcoholic sparkling wine on the market. The process involves harvesting, pressing, and fermenting grapes in stainless steel tanks, followed by a gentle de-alcoholisation method, including vacuum distillation at low temperatures. Established on the simple idea that everyone deserves a delicious non-alcoholic alternative, ALT. embarked on a mission in 2020 to deliver a range of alcohol-free, uncompromising sparkling wines that capture both the flavour and the ritual of their alcoholic counterparts. The result is an uncompromising, award-winning wine alternative, using only 100% certified organic grapes and sugar to promote sustainable and healthy farming practices.