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We’re looking for our ambassador members to review Prodigy Snacks.

Prodigy stand by the saying, “Eat no Evil”.

Prodigy believe that a lot of hard work is needed to create that perfect bar of chocolate. They believe chocolate should only contain natural ingredients full of flavour and nutrients.

Their range of chocolate bars are all plant-based, dairy free, gluten free and even plastic free!

Prodigy have truly started the natural revolution in snacking and craft velvety smooth cacoa chocolate made from natural ingredients and bursting with vitamins. 

The bars contain no refined sugar and artificial flavourings, they’re also palm oil free and the sugar content is kept below 20%. 

It is truly chocolate that has been made with the planet in mind. All the ingredients have been carefully sourced, making sure that they do not leave a big carbon footprint. 

The bars themselves are wrapped in plastic-free, fully compostable packaging that won’t harm our oceans.

Did we mention that they’re delicious too!

Their are six bars in the Prodigy range which are:

Chunky Chocolate Bar

Chunky Orange Chocolate Bar

Chunky Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Chunky Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Bar

Peanut Caramel Cahoots Chocolate Bar

Coconut Cahoots Chocolate Bar

You can read more about Prodigy Snacks over on their website

View the range of Prodigy Chocolate Bars on our website here 

The ideal member will:

Be vegan or vegetarian

Always ready to find healthier and more sustainable snacks

Enjoy trying vegan alternatives to traditional non-vegan products such as chocolate.

We would like successful members to try the Prodigy Chocolate Bars and let us know what you think!

We would love if you could feature the products on your social platforms. If we have any Tik Tok users, please feel free to use this to post content.

Requirements for completing mission:

1. Influencers will need to share social media posts showing the Prodigy Chocolate Bars.

2. You will need to tag Ethical Superstore  and Prodigy in all posts as well as comply with ASA guidelines for disclosing gifted items. The Ethical Superstore #myfeelgoodchoice hashtag must also be used along with #ad.

3. Will send over posts for approval within one week of receiving and using products. Posts should be approved before being made live.

If this sounds like the mission for you, please apply using the form linked below!