Ecotalk Ethical Mobile NEtwork Ecotalk is brought to you by Ecotricity, it is a mobile phone network with a green outcome!

Britain’s wildlife has been suffering, one in 10 wildlife species are under threat from extinction, the number of hedgehogs has halved since 200 and 35 species of bee are under threat from extinction. This has been cause by humans, roads, building and intensive farming are destroying our wild places. It’s great to see people take responsibility and when businesses also take responsibility a real difference can be made.

Ecotalk mobile NetworkWe are delighted to recommend Ecotalk from our friends at Ecotricity which is one business taking responsibility for the environment and the wildlife that should be around us. The money generated from customer’s bills is used to give land back to nature, creating valuable habitats for Britain’s wildlife. Ecotalk call this ‘Bills to Hills’ which means that Ecotalk use customer mobile bill money to buy land for nature, rewilding it and encouraging wildlife of all sizes and shapes to takeover!
Ecotalk has also recently been ranked the number 1 mobile phone network by Ethical Consumer!        

Since launching green SIM packages they have amassed enough support to enable us to buy their first substantial piece of land to give back to nature. In Partnership with RSPB and alongside another significant donor (Biffa Award) Ecotalk have announced that collectively they have secured their first land purchase - Fairburn Tips!