Barry Slight's Guide to making Valentine's day ethical

Hey, I'm Barry Slight, and I'm here to make sure that your Valentine's day is an ethical Valentine's day. Follow my tips, and your Valentine's day will be a romance-o-thon, like mine. Mmmmm. 
  One   Make sure you buy a card   A fairly traded card should be the foundation of your Valentine's day experience. A good card sets the tone for the rest of the proceedings.
  Two   Fair trade red roses  

10 fairly traded red roses. You can even pick the delivery date so that your loved one gets them on the 14th February.

  Three      Feeling fruity? Well, you will be after this delicious Feeling Fruity chocolate bar, from The Chocolate Alchemists. 
  Four   Pour the wine...   Stick some Barry White on the stereo, turn the lights down low and pour the wine. Try this Fairtrade Thandi Merlot Cabernet...
  Five   Organic Champagne   ...or if you're really out to impress, how about this Serge Faust organic champagne ?
  Six     How about a romantic and relaxing bath? Look out for Simply Soaps bath bags - part of our natural body care range.

Don't watch TV. Turn it off at the wall with a standy buster.  Not very romantic, but don't let the telly box ruin your night of love.

  Eight   Divine Pendant   Say "I love you" with fair trade, recycled or eco jewellery.
  Nine   An oxfam unwrapped goat   Valentine's day is often associated with giving to charity. This year, we're proud to be supporting Oxfam with these virtual gifts .
  Ten   Fairtrade Condoms   Follow these tips and you'll be needing these Aphrodisiac fair trade condoms, complete with "delicious and stimulating scents". Safe.