Simon Lee Guitars

Simon Lee originally trained as a sculptor and used these skills to work as a prop and model maker in the theatre, film and television industries.

Working in this creative arena was very stimulating and forced him to think of different solutions to never before encountered problems. Designing and making all manner of objects in any number of different media, Simon began to realise the possibilities and limitations of these various materials.

This past experience was a crucial influence in the development of his range of Cyclotron guitars. After many years of working he decided to retrain as a Guitar Maker at Merton College.While doing this course he realised that he was unhappy about using tropical hardwoods, which are so prevalent in traditional guitar making - so his quest to find another way of making guitars using other materials began.

The CYCLOTRON range is a creative response to the destruction of the rain forests and realises Simon's vision to build guitars that didn't glamorise exotic, but potentially endangered, hardwoods.

Instead of producing highly lacquered, exotic timber 'furniture' guitars, he has designed instruments that explore the potential of, and celebrate very modern materials.

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