Faith In Nature

About Faith In Nature

Faith in Nature was started nearly 30 years ago when Rona Rose started to mix her own herbal and plant based recipes to create natural skincare product solutions. The company has come a long way since those early days but it stays true to its original principals, and works to create genuinely natural products which are gentle on the skin and on the environment, with no synthetic colourings or fragrances, and totally paraben free. By combining traditional and trusted ingredients with modern technology, Faith in Nature are able to produce a high quality and reliable natural range.


Faith in Nature now produce the baby bodycare range bringing you the finest natural and organic bubble bath, shampoo, lotion and wipes to care for your precious little one’s delicate new skin. Crafted with organic and natural ingredients these mild products are...

•    Free from parabens and artificial colours & fragrances                        
•    pH balanced
•    Biodegradable

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