Vita Coco

Vita Coco’s story began in February 2003, when childhood friends Ira Liran and Michael Kirban were speaking with 2 young women they had met from Brazil. When they asked what their favourite thing about Brazil was, and what they most missed, they replied “Agua de Coco” They explained that coconut water was the most nutritional and delicious drink in the world. 2 months later, Liran visited Brazil to begin his research into bringing the product to the rest of the world. Once he had visited coconut plantations, producers, made connections and learnt the politics of production in Brazil then Vita Coco was born. Vita Coco produces the freshest tasting coconut water possible by packaging its beverages in Tetra Pak, an eco- and socially-responsible form of packaging (Tetra Pak is BPA-free) based on the use of wood fibre, a sustainable source. Their coconut water is gluten free and vegan-approved, as Vita Coco does not contain any animal-derived or dairy products in its beverages.

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