When they stumbled upon the almost magical benefits of RAW cacao, back in 2009, Lovechock knew immediately that they had to make chocolate. A chocolate that sustainably nurtures the well-being of people and planet. Most people don‘t know that each cacao bean is packed full of important vitamins, minerals and flavanoids when still raw. In fact it has 6 times more flavonoids than blueberries? In traditional chocolate production however, the cacao is strongly roasted. RAW chocolate is healthier, pure goodness that nurtures body, mind and planet.

Lovechock has developed from a small chocolate kitchen to a company with its own factory in the Netherlands, that’s sells it’s precious raw chocolate with lots of new and exciting flavours in more than 20 countries.

They respect and appreciation their farmers who grow and harvest all of Lovechock’s natural ingredients. They deserve to be paid fairly for all their hard work. They ensure this by applying the Direct Trade principle. This means that they buy our cacao directly from farmers' cooperatives. And in contrast to the traditional chocolate industry, we have our cacao beans processed into cacao mass in the country of origin, creating more value and jobs in the local economies.

Being fully vegan and plant-based, they reduce the impact of their products on the planet. Because they are convinced that real chocolate doesn’t need any milk to be delicious!

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