Cocoro is a technical lingerie brand, the first Spanish brand to design underwear for menstruation, committed to not only the wellbeing of the wearer but also the environment. Cocoro design, produce and distribute a range of menstrual underwear which is both reusable and breathable and absorbs period blood, vaginal discharge and light urine losses.

This eco-friendly underwear provides a solution to a need that arises 4-7 days each month for around 40 years in more than half of the global population and prevents an average of 5.6-6.4kg of waste generated by each person every year in disposable, single-use menstrual products. Produced 100% locally in Barcelona, Cocoro’s menstrual pants are made from Oeko-Tex, BlueSign, REACH and GOTS approved materials and are moving to use organic cotton in all their models which has allowed them to reduce 91% of water consumption.

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