Barretts Ridge

Tayrene loves her family most of all, but she also is a lover of beer and a lover of bread… a lover of carbs in general really. So, when she decided to change career paths after 15 years in the fashion industry, it was really no surprise that Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread was born.

They say you need to be passionate about what you do and that is certainly true of what Tayrene does.

The satisfaction you feel when you take a steaming loaf from the oven and the joy of sharing it with family, friends and loved ones is something she wanted to share.

The mixes come in a calico bag hand sewn by South African charity Deaf Hands at Work with labels from environmentally friendly paper - DHW employs and trains Deaf and disabled individuals to be competent in the following industries: Textile, Construction, Maid services, Carpentry, Painting and Panel beating.

They are also packed by the ladies of the Ukama Community Foundation - Ukama is a social enterprise started with the aim of helping women from previously disadvantaged communities create their own micro-enterprises which then become our supply chain in the various services we offer.