Eco Kettles

A recent study of 86,000 households found 95% of people boiled the kettle every day with 40% boiling water five times a day or more. With our range of Eco kettles you can cut down the amount of electricity you use to boil water helping the environment and cutting your energy bills. The Vektra Eco Kettle is a new smart, simple innovation that acts like a thermal flask, keeping water hot for up to 4 hours after you’ve boiled it so there is no need to re-boil water (something coffee aficionados would not advise!) combine this with a sleek modern look, Vektra Kettles make the perfect addition to any eco kitchen!

The Wahl Eco Kettle is an ingenious design which enables you to boil only the exact amount of water you need. With a unique dual chamber you can fully fill the kettle up (1.5 litres) but choose the amount of water you want to boil so you aren’t boiling excess water. Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust the Wahl Eco Kettle used and average of 31% less energy than a normal kettle in independent consumer tests.