Spring Clean: The Greener Way

That time of year is upon us once again where the mornings are getting lighter, the evenings brighter, and our bodies are waking up from winter-mode. For me and for my family, that usually means a passion for all things Spring Cleaning comes to the fore like never before.

Whether it’s finally getting round to painting the bathroom ceiling again, fixing that dodgy shelf, clearing out your wardrobes, or giving the house a good once over; there always seems to be something to do!

But in our hurry to get the job done and in our attempt to create the tidiest and cleanest environment possible, do we sometimes neglect to think of attaining the greenest environment possible?

There’s a whole host of eco-friendly cleaning products out there these days; from toilet cleaner and multi surface spray to air fresheners, and furniture cleaners – there’s a natural, chemical-free, environmentally sound alternative to all your cleaning needs.

We’ve just added Suma’s new EcoLeaf range to our shelves; these household cleaners use ingredients derived from plant extracts and are biodegradable and non-hazardous. They sit nicely alongside our long-standing favourites such as the E-Cloth family and Method‘s non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products products.

Then there’s the clothes clear-out that comes around. But rather than bag up your old tops and unwanted jeans, why not give them to someone who does need them; don’t ignore those little bags that pop through your letter box every week, fill it up and leave it out for a local charity to put to good use. Charity shops are always after more stock, from bric-a-brac and clothes to old videos and cd’s – don’t throw it away if you can help it but put it to good use and give it to a good cause.

Charity Shops; Eco-Chic?

Charity Shops; Eco-Chic?

Similarly, next time you fancy a new outfit or want a new book, check out your local second hand stores and charity shops. There’s always a bargain to be had and you could be making the difference, not just to the people who will directly benefit from the charity, but to there being one less factory-processed garment being manufactured, one less t-shirt made in poor conditions, one less child forced into labour. . .

Alternatively, there’s always the world of Swishing to enter in to; Elaine recently dived in and grabbed herself a bargain – read her blog to find out more on the latest clothes-swapping craze!

So do your bit, clean your house top to toe but do it the greener way, clear out your clutter but don’t add it to landfill, and buy sensibly, from those who deserve the cash you’re parting with. Little changes make a big difference; to your life, your lifestyle, your purse-strings, and to the environment. It all adds up.

Got any more hints or tips on how to clean up your home or de-clutter your lifestyle the ethical way? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Image 1 via Mindfrieze, 2 via Flickr

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