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Wear It Pink Posted by Abigail Travers on 22nd October 2014 with 0 comments

The pink ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness Month October were both introduced to the UK almost 20 years ago. Breast Cancer awareness month exists to help people be better aware of the common symptoms and better equipped to seek guidance as early as possible which increases their chance of survival. Awareness is growing every year but there is still need to reach out to more people. The pink ‘jigsaw piece’ logo symbolises the missing pieces of the puzzle that are the cure for breast cancer.

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The Great British Fairness Debate Posted by Abigail Travers on 3rd October 2014 with 2 comments

We know that our customers – you – make a conscious effort to buy more ethical products, why else would you be here. We love that you do your bit to be more eco-friendly and by more Fairtrade products to support farmers and workers in developing countries. But as a nation are we really that fair? The Fairtrade Foundation has started the ‘Great British Fairness Debate’ and is challenging us all to take the test, asking if we are really as fair as we think.

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