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The ethical survival guide to festivals Posted by Peter Leatherland on 16th July 2014 with 0 comments

When we think of festivals the term that comes to mind is 'unadulterated fun'. There's nothing quite like spending a few days camped in a field with friends listening to your favourite music.
Even if your experience is strictly U-rated, there's something wonderfully rebellious and bohemian about festivals which sends our minds back to the 70s. Suddenly a floral head garland and a band T-shirt combination seems like the best idea ever. Is that a native American war bonnet you have there? Well bring it on.

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6 Places You'll Find Hidden Plastic (That You Probably Didn't Realise) Posted by Lindsay Miles on 15th July 2014 with 0 comments

Whether you're taking part in Plastic Free July (meaning you're attempting to use no single use plastic for the whole month of July) or you're just interested in doing your bit for the environment, wanting to be able to compost your waste, or recycle it, rather than sending it to landfill, chances are you'd rather have a little less plastic in your life. After all, it's extremely persistent in the environment, it leaches toxins, it cannot be truly recycled (only downcycled) and it harms wildlife, particularly marine birds, mammals and fish.
Plastic is everywhere. As well as the obvious plastic, it often sneaks into our packaging in unsuspecting ways so we don't suspect we are still buying it. Most of us want to do the right thing, but making plastic-free choices can be difficult!

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