The Perfect Ethical Gift Wrap

Presents wrapped using our ethical wrapping service.

Presents wrapped using our ethical wrapping service.

A while ago I was given the task of developing our Christmas Gift Wrap. I instantly thought old fashioned brown paper and natural wrapping, Something nice on the eye, something that would look beautiful under the Christmas tree, Something that would scream out on Christmas morning ‘Open Me’. I just love those presents!

So I began my quest to find the perfect Ethical Gift Wrap….

After searching the internet for every combination and variation of ‘Ethical Gift Wrap’, I came across a beautiful recycled paper ribbon. Perfect! This was just what I was looking for. I immediately imagined the biggest bow, tied beautifully around my old fashioned natural brown paper, a classic look that I knew would never date.

But something was missing….and then the answer, to add the finishing touches to my beautiful, recycled, natural gift wrap, was the delicious Divine Fairtrade chocolate coin. That  extra little Christmas treat, that I knew would go down well with children and adults alike. Yummy!

So there I had it, my fabulous christmas gift wrap, looking so traditional with its big red hand tied Christmas bow. I think this is the perfect ethical choice for all our customers.

I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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