Clouds Of Thought – Week One

These are my words of the week, the words that sum up some things I’ve been pondering.  We all have themes and threads to our weeks, whether we unravel them or not.  Sometimes they are dependent upon the time of year, the weather, the business season, news, politics, upon family situations, work situations, personal situations…

Here are the reasons these are my top words of the week:

Campervan My husband and I and our good friends Mark and Heather bought an 1978 VW Type 2 Bay Window Camper Van last weekend.  It was a bit of a spontaneous decision, but a very exciting decision!  (Take a look at us on Flickr)  The thought of practically having free holidays to explore unbeaten tracks all around Britain fills me with happiness and anticipation.  It’s great that such old cars have been loved and preserved for many years, not thrown into the scrappage scheme or left to be neglected.  I’m proud to own a vehicle that’s older than me.  It’s inspired me, I vow that I will to find ways of retaining outdated items and preserving things more often.  (Perhaps I’ll reconsider purchasing something from our vintage recycled record collection from Vinylux…)

Spring This week it feels like Spring has arrived.  I’ve been watching the snowdrops and daffodils shoot up and bloom whilst enjoying the sun winking and grinning at us.  I’ve spent hours trawling through the gardening pages looking for bulbs and seeds, considering buying watering cans and entertaining thoughts of various activities I can do now the days are longer and (marginally) warmer.

Wallpaper I regularly update the Ethical Superstore 365 Flickr Project, and this week we took a shot that we thought would make a lovely Fair Trade desktop wallpaper.  It would make an interesting move, making ethical desktop wallpapers available at Ethical Superstore, helping us to think ethical thoughts even while we use our computers!  Don’t you think?

Poorly I was a bit unwell this week, it knocks you out a bit when that’s the case.  Sometimes all you have energy to do is to consider all the possible remedies and ointments you could use to make you feel right again.  (I also chose this word because I discovered North-Easterners tend to say it in an amusing way.  The closest I can get to writing it is “puhrley”…)

Mummys It’s the season to be thinking about our mummys and the mother figures in our lives and ensure they are rewarded and loved. I bought my Mummy a Paper Potter and some seeds to go with it.

Stripes They’re in this season I hear, which I’m pleased about for two reasons.  Firstly, because a high proportion of my clothes collection is striped and secondly, because our  gorgeous brand new People Tree range for Spring and Summer has a definite striped theme!  It’s worth a look…

Communication I’ve learnt this week that communication is really important to our relationships, be it long standing friendships, family relationships or work relationships, we need to communicate with one another.  It seems obvious, but sometimes we need a little reminder to keep us going.

What are your words for the week?

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