Clouds Of Thought – Week Two

This week I’ve had another forrage around in my brain to catalogue some of the things I’ve been mulling, and this time I actually doodled the words on paper!

So here we go, this is why these seven words/phrases are the words of this past week:

Journal Keeping diaries and journals is a brilliant idea.  Sometime I’m strapped for time to fit this in, but when I can I like to record what I’ve been up to, what stage I’m at in life and follow how my activities and thoughts change and develop over the years.  I tend to find a pretty covered hardback notebook helps me to write in it more often.  At present I’m in the midst of a stylish plain black hardback reporters notepad, but when I’m finished I may opt to upgrade to something prettier.  If I were you, I’d seriously consider a Large Elephant Dung notebook, or an Embroidered Journal, or the slightly more masculine choice of a Recycled Vinyl Notepad if you were thinking of starting one.  I really recommend it.

Double Portions It’s just me and Phil at home, and sharing the cooking between two of you takes more time than we would like.  That’s why cooking double portions is simply the greatest idea known to man (provided you own a freezer…)  Cooking a double portion of chilli, or a curry or a shepherd pie is easy peasy.  It means you have to buy in larger quantities too, not diddly “couple portions” so 500g bags like Suma Prepacks Kidney Beans, or buying cases of tins of Kidney Beans are ideal, as are big bags of dried lentils, perfect for curries – and no need for soaking. (Yes!)

Tea? Need I say more?  It keeps our nation going!  There are never-ending mugs of Cafedirect Everyday Tea on the go on the office and we had a lovely chat with our followers about this on twitter this week.

Egg Hunt If you haven’t heard, then you could miss out!  We have an Easter Egg Hunt on around the site where you could win some scrumptious Divine Chocolate!  Entries have been flying in and the competition closes on 31st March.  For more information on how to enter the competition, take a look at the Big Easter Egg Hunt blog.

Frogs! This week, I saved the lives of two frogs!  On Wednesday night, I nearly drove over 3 frogs in different places, but narrowly missed due to my sharp eyesight…  Why there were so many frogs out at that time of the night far away from a frog-like home, I have no idea.  All three were rather hefty sized species, all sitting perfectly still in the middle of surburbian roads.  When I had a chance a bit later, I went out with a disused washing up bowl filled with a little water and coaxed the croakers into my bowl, which I then sneakily positioned close to the next door neighbours pond.  The following morning, they had left my bowl and were hopefully enjoying stretching their legs next door.  Ahh, it feels good to be responsible for the animals.

Seedlings Inspired by Ruth’s blog on Allotments and by the general warmer weather, I’ve been stocking up on seeds and mini greenhouses and attempting to grow my own veg this year.  So far, the cress that was planted is now approximately 2mm tall… result!

Catalogue Some of the of the team have been busy working on our Spring/Summer Catalogue for 2010 and this week the final copy has been sent to the printing press, which is very exciting.  (Take a peek at them on Flickr…) You can order your copy here!

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