Carnival of the Green #216

Top of the morning to all, and welcome to the #216th Carnival of the green. First of all, a big thanks to Marie at Project Earth Blog for their fantastic green round-up at last week’s Carnival. Secondly…let’s jump right in…

The selection of blogs that came my way this week was fantastic – as a first time Carnival author it’s been a lot of fun reading through and putting the Carnival selection together. Cue lights, cue cameras, and ACTION!

Check out the fabulous ocean inspired plastic-waste gowns showcased at New York’s fashion week, but make sure you don’t miss the irony – Beth Terry writing on Fake Plastic Fish questions the logic of the American Chemistry Council awarding their first prize to an environmental project when in her words, plastic makes ocean pollution possible.

The Olympics have been in the limelight over the last couple of weeks with skiers, snowboarders, bobsledders and ice-skaters wowing us with their icy skills. But how many people around the world consider the environmental implications of the games? Guffly’s blog tells us all about how Vancouver has been upping the game with a green Olympics, with everything from housing, transportation, and greener, reusable facilities, to medals made from recycled materials.

Recycling popped up at least twice in this week’s selection – Recycle Cindy from (a website dedicated to recycling & crafting) brings us essential tips on how to , recycle your old mobile phones and Mrs Green posting on My Zero Waste encourages us to recycle our old shredded paper.

Spring is on it’s way (despite it still being cold and frosty up North!), so as thoughts turn to Spring cleaning make sure you use natural products. Mrs Green writing on the Little Green Blog introduces us to Chemercial, Andrew Nisker’s docu-film showing one family’s 3 month challenge to reduce their dependency on conventional household cleaning and personal care products, and de-toxify their home.

Learn about the science of climate change and with Justin Allison on

Brenda Pike presents her search for green make-up with Brenda Pike posted at Pragmatic Environmentalism.

Miranda’s Top 10 relatively painless things you can do to get started on your mission to a greener lifestyle is a great round up for the week. From little things such as using your own carrier bags to slightly more time consuming projects such as growing your own produce, it’s these small steps that add up which really make a difference. Check out her blog at for the full round-up of tips.

Don’t forget to check out next week’s Carnival collection at Fake Plastic Fish, and in the meantime, keep an eye on Twitter’s #BestGreenTweets for regular green updates from across the twittersphere.

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