Love Your Bike

Loving your bike may seem like an odd object on to which to place your affections, but Manchester Friends of the Earth and the city council want us to do just that!

Now I do actually in general quite like my bike. I’m in the fortunate position of having a route to work which is now 80% off road. On a warm summer’s evening the trip along the Tyne is a pleasure.

However if you hate the thought of even having a bike, then the FoE and Manchester City Council are keen to change your mind. The site has lots of general info on why cycling is good for you – if you truly love yourself, you’ll love your bike. There is also an interactive site showing safe routes to and from the city centre plus a neat blogging\mapping feature so you can identify good points and danger areas on the routes. Nice if you live in Manchester.

Visit this site and then challenge your city, town or district council to do the same.

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