Real Nappy Week 2010

If you have ever thought about using real nappies for your baby, Real Nappy Week is the time to find out all about them. Held from the 26th April – 2nd May, it’s a great chance to get together with other like-minded parents, and find out a bit more. Our friends at the real nappy information service Go Real want to make this years’ event bigger and better than ever, and have shared their plans with us.

“The theme this year is Go Real Together. There are many parents out there already using Real Nappies and many more who are thinking about giving it a go, so we want to bring you all together! Support and advice from other parents is always great in helping you to make decisions for your own family and we want to make sharing your Real Nappy experiences easy. Real Nappies can save you money, reduce your family’s waste, lower your impact on the environment, and are really easy to use. Using Real Nappies is no longer something that is unusual, and we aim to celebrate their growing popularity by demonstrating just how active the Real Nappy community is.

“There has been a lot of interest in Real Nappy Week from places all around the world and so we will be getting stories on attitudes to Real Nappies and experiences of using or promoting them from many different countries including New Zealand, Italy and Japan. Every day we get contacted from places all over the world and it is really exciting to learn about what kind of things are going on in other countries. All the activity happening during the week is being plotted on a world map so you can take a look at what is happening in Italy or just down the road.

“The week will be launched by Go Real with the World’s Largest Nappuccino, held at the internationally renowned Eden project, a fitting venue for an event that will be watched all over the world. The event will be opened by Go Real’s patron: Janey Lee Grace, who is a regular on Radio Two. The proceedings will also be hosted by Dick Strawbridge, a TV presenter with a particular interest in sustainable living. Dick and Janey’s down-to-earth approach to improving our environment are sure to make the World’s Largest Nappuccino an interesting and fun event for everyone.

“In the morning Go Real will be running a traditional Nappuccino, offering lots of information on modern Real Nappies including a run through of their benefits and how to use them. We will also be linking up with projects across the globe to find out about how Real Nappies are promoted and received in other parts of the world. The Nappuccino will be live streamed online so people all over the world will be able to watch all the fun and take part in discussions.

“People coming along to the event can meet lots of fantastic companies providing products and services for the family, from reusable swim nappies to breastfeeding advice. They can also take part in our afternoon workshops or take advantage of a relaxing massage! Entry to the event is free of charge and we are extremely happy to be able to offer half price entry to the Eden Project for all parents of bumps and babies up to three years old who are attending the event.

“If you can’t attend your Real Nappy Week event there is plenty of activity taking place online including online Nappuccinos, an Expert panel and a chance to talk to UK Real Nappy manufacturers: Bambino Mio. We will also be featuring local and international events on Go Real TV as well as videos from Real Nappy retailers, volunteers, Local Authorities, environmental experts and also parents.

“This year Go Real are using the event to raise some money for disaster relief charity ShelterBox, a charity  delivering much needed relief to communities hit by disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. Emergency shelter for new mums and babies is particularly important and so we are really keen to raise some money for the charity which has been extremely busy since Haiti.”

Thanks to Rebecca – Go Real

If you’re interested in real nappies be sure to check out the Go Real Real Nappy website to find out more about their upcoming events.

To find out more about the choice between real nappies and disposables check out our ‘Are Real Nappies Really Cheaper?’ blog post.

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