Green Mowing

Ecogeek pointed out this morning that one of the greenest things you can do is make what you have last as long as possible, and if you do have to get rid of it, recycle it. Makes sense to me.

Here’s my recycled lawn mower:

Recycled lawn mowers are cool.

Reclaimed from my Grandad’s garden shed at the start of the summer, my mower is not only carbon neutral (no fossil fuels here!), but it’s also good for working on the guns.

And push mowers are having a bit of a resurgance. Treehugger reports that sales of some push mowers (reel mowers, as they’re called in the United States) are up by 60%.

But it’s definitely a case of buyer beware!

Apparantly the “liability issue” of having “dangerous”, whirring, unprotected blades is putting people off (in Naperville, anyway).

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For more mower facts (including a mower of the month!), and tips on putting an old one back into service, try:

The Old Lawnmower Club

Oh, and to continue the Green Sheds debate the other day, check out this How to Build a Green Shed on Treehugger.


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