‘Wheelie’ Practical Mobile Greenhouse kit?

We’re often approached with new eco product ideas but we’ve honestly never encountered anything with such bold ambitions to take greener motoring to a whole new level.
Have you ever got back to your car on a sunny day and as soon as you climb in say to yourself ‘it’s like a greenhouse in here’? Well it was just such a seemingly throw away comment  which provided the inspiration for an idea which grew and blossomed into the mobile greenhouse, or as it’s been dubbed by  its creators the ‘Car-den’. (Beating off stiff competition from ‘Go n Grow’ and ‘Thriving Driving’.)
Researchers have long hinted that plants in our environment can have a positive influence on our stress levels – so according to its designers -Car-den may help to kiss road rage goodbye. Remember a glimpse of your marvellous blooms could give fellow motorists a lift too! (Though not literally -as to get the most out the Car-den- you won’t have room for passengers.)
There are a few minor quirks to iron out before the official product launch.
•    Watering can be extremely difficult and outrageously messy.
•    Cornering requires caution to the point of being seen by some as anti-socially slow.
•    Use of even modest amounts of compost or organic manures may produce odours which will transfer to your clothes for the rest of the day.
The designers are confident that they’ll have these issues resolved in a jiffy. They declined to comment on speculation about a roof-rack water butt.

We haven’t got a confirmed released date for the Car-den as yet, but we do have a fantastic range of Eco-friendly Garden Accessories and Seeds available for more conventional use right now.
(Or if, like me, the back of your car already resembles a jungle then you may want to check out this practical car boot organiser too.)

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