The Most Popular Christmas Gifts of the Past 30 Years

Do you remember what you got for Christmas 30 years ago? Do you remember what you got for your children 10 years ago? Did you get the most popular gift that year or something a little less mainstream? We’ve taken a look at what the top gifts were thirty, twenty, ten and five years ago, could you imagine receiving them now?

Thirty Years Ago


In 1985 the Transformers cartoon series was a big hit, and of course everyone wanted an Optimus Prime action figure. The toy van transformed into the hero of the cartoon, letting you play as Optimus Prime for hours fighting off Megatron and the evil Decepticons. While children today will get a much sleeker, shinier version of the toy, you can never beat an original!

Twenty Years Ago


Pogs were all the rage in the 90s, although the games origin dates back to 1927 in Hawaii. The name came from POG which was a passionfruit, orange and guava juice with the bottle caps originally being used as the game pieces. In the 90s you could get all sorts of Pogs, from famous world leaders to your favourite cartoon character! How many Pogs did you collect?


Ten Years Ago

The 2000s really saw the rise of the game consoles, this was the time when every child had or wanted one, and in 2005 the Xbox 360 was released, quickly becoming the most popular Christmas gift that year – and not just for the kids!


Five Years Ago

With technology becoming such a huge part of our lives it seems as though the days of the humble toy are coming to an end. Everyone wants the latest smartphone, tablet or laptop now – and it was just the same in 2010 with the release of the iPad. Apple has always been known for its technologic advancements, and while opinions on the company differ it has always seemed to shoot way past competitors. How do you feel about iPads? Did you get a tablet for Christmas in 2010?

Share with us your favourite Christmas gifts! Were you lucky enough to receive one of the most popular gifts from our list?

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