New Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature

Introducing a brand new natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo range from Faith in Nature.

Suffering from dandruff and an itchy scalp is never pleasant, but these are common conditions caused by our bodies speeding up the natural process of shedding dead skin cells during new cell production; dandruff is just excessive dead skin cells. These symptoms are often worsened by dry or oily skin, washing hair too little or too much, stress and climate. There are regular anti dandruff shampoos available, but Faith in Nature have now developed their own natural, cruelty free anti-dandruff shampoo range.

You know we are all about helping our customers make feel good choices, which is why we are delighted to offer certified organic anti-dandruff shampoo that is made from natural ingredients and is not tested on animals at any stage of production. This range is the ultimate feel good choice when it comes to anti-dandruff treatment, with refreshing Lemon & Tea Tree or Mint shampoo to choose from, both made with 100% naturally active anti-dandruff ingredient and can help to sooth scalp irritation, so you’ll feel better with no cost to the earth.

Faith in Nature is a UK based company that creates natural bath & body ranges so you can care for yourself while caring for the planet. Most of their products are certified organic which means there are no harmful pesticides used to grow their ingredients so the earth is not harmed in any way. The company is also vegan society approved, so you can be certain that not only are there no animal derived ingredients in any Faith in Nature products, they also are completely cruelty free – in fact they were one of the first companies to be awarded the Leaping Bunny mark by Cruelty Free International. Find out more about the history of Faith in Nature here.

So if you’re looking for a natural, organic anti-dandruff shampoo then we have the answer, what are you waiting for?

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