Birch Water, the New Super Drink!

Move over coconut water, there’s a new health drink on the shelves and we are loving it. Take a swig of Birch Water, the new hydration craze that boasts a whole host of nutritional benefits with a great taste!


Birch trees naturally filter around 300 litres of water through their roots every day and contains several thousand litres of sap containing organic, naturally occurring antioxidants, electrolytes, trace minerals, xylitol, fructose and vitamins. By tapping the tree and drinking the water, we can easily absorb these nutrients.

323328-sealand-birk-birch-tree-water-raspberryWhile there is not a significant amount of research to support the medicinal properties of birch water, it has a variety of folk uses in different countries, for example in Belarus you’ll find it’s used to treat lung diseases and gout, while in Estonia it is used for the prevention of eye and skin diseases, and in Sweden it reportedly treats scurvy and cholera. As I said, there is no significant research to back up these claims, but if it’s working for them why stop?!

However it does have intense detox properties, and extract from birch tree leaves can be used in herbal supplements to aid kidney function and bladder health by helping the body eliminate toxins and impurities. What makes birch water better than coconut water are the saponins it contains which help to maintain a healthy blood cholesterol levels while also supporting your immune system.

Get your Birch Water fix from Sealand Birk, they offer a range of flavoured birch waters so there’s a taste to suit everyone. Sealand Birk tap the water directly from the tree to the bottle with no additives and only natural fruit flavours for a refreshingly sweet taste without any nasties. This means that they’re also great for kids instead of the unhealthy sugary drinks you find in most supermarkets. So far I’ve personally only tried raspberry and I’m not usually a fan of flavoured water but I thought this was delicious!

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