An Ethical Guide to Valentine’s Day 2015

245408-recycled-silver-heart-page-saversThere is a lot of debate about valentine’s day, so many people see it as simply a corporate holiday just to make money, while others love to buy into the idea and shower their significant other with love. However you feel about it, the idea of a day dedicated to love is quite nice, and if you don’t have anyone to share it with then shower yourself with love – you deserve it!

I’m here to provide you with a guide to celebrating an ethical valentine’s day, from charitable cards to Fairtrade gifts for him and her because everyone loves getting presents – I’ll even throw in some treats for you!

Regardless of whether or not you’re exchanging gifts, it’s likely there are going to be some cards involved at some point during the day – and we’ve got you covered. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like these adorable valentine’s cards from Arthouse Meath, not only are they cute, they’re from a charity too! Arthouse Meath is run by the Meath Epilepsy Trust and offers placements to adults with varying degrees of ability, with most living with complex epilepsy along with other disabling problems and the Arthouse shows what can be achieved with the right support.

arthouse meath cards
Don’t forget those flowers either! Unfortunately we can’t offer you any at the moment (we are working on it though!) but if you’re popping into a supermarket make sure you look for the Fairtrade Label before you buy just any old bunch. If you’re going for a more expensive bunch from a florist, there are some well known sites where you can find beautiful Fairtrade flowers, and some of them come with vases already!

Now, if you are one for exchanging gifts we have some great ethical ideas whether you have a big or small budget – just take a look at our Valentine’s Gift guide, or if you want to be more specific we have gifts For Him and For Her. Here’s a quick look at our favourites!

For Her

valentines gifts for her
1. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask £21.95
A cleansing, moisturising and antoxidising face mask treatment made with nourishing manuka honey.
2. M&J London Soya Candle – Tbilisi – Small £23
Luxurious M&J London Pomegranate, Tarragon & Walnut Small Soya Wax Candle in reusable, recycled glass with FSC certified packaging.
3. Makers & Merchants Heart Throbs £4.95
Belgian chocolate hearts handmade in England with a sprinkling of chilli powder.
4. Wilby Primrose Black Citibag £85
A gorgeous handbag designed by Meg Matthews and made with sustainable vegan cork, giving a leather look finish.
5. LA Jewellery Recycled Petit Love Silver Necklace £20.40
Handcrafted in the UK with recycled silver.

For Him

valentines gifts for him
1. Rapanui ‘Bear in the Woods’ T-shirt £19.95
Made in a Fair Wear Foundation Audited, wind powered factory with organic cotton and hand finished in the UK
2. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Cubed earwax £4.95
Clotted cream fudge made in association with The Ministry of Stories, a volunteer organisation set up to encourage young people to write.
3. Believer Jewellery Black Glass Wrap £38
A Fair Trade wrap bracelet with glass beads strung on to natural black leather, with 10% of profits donated to War Child.
4. William Whistle Amaretto Flavoured Coffee £5.95
A Delicious blend of mild and full bodied beans with a dash of amaretto flavoured syrup, roasted and hand blended in the UK.
5. Scaramouche & Fandango The Full Works Gift set £39.95
A gift set that contains the whole range of paraben free body and skin care for men worth £63.

But don’t forget that you don’t need a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s day – just shower yourself with love! I recommend buying yourself a box of chocolates, like this Vegan Truffle Collection from Montezuma’s and eating the whole box, no need to share and you definitely don’t need to feel guilty – remember you deserve to love yourself. Treat yourself to a beautiful gift using our gift guides for inspiration, whether you’re a foodie, a gardener or love eco-gadgets we have something you will love, and the best thing about buying your own presents is that you won’t ever be disappointed! Don’t use Valentine’s day as a reason to be sad you don’t have a partner, gather your friends together and have a chill out night, or enjoy some much-needed you time and made sure you enjoy every single second!

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