Ethical Paddling…Continued…

Given the huge amount of interest generated by our post of the 22nd July concerning the Ethical Spanking Paddle, we figured that interest in ‘paddling’ was high…

Wikipedia, that source of all knowledge, helps out with a definition of the ‘paddle’ as a good starting point:

“usually a wooden instrument with a long, flat face and narrow neck, so called because it is roughly shaped like the homonymous piece of sports equipment, but existing in more varied sizes and dimensions, (length, width and thickness)”

This much we had however already established.

You can find out more information and tips about ethical paddling after the jump…

The main advice on ethical paddling was as follows:

– Paddle responsibly to avoid accidents
– Dress appropriately
– Never paddle alone
– Don’t paddle under the influence of alcohol
– Respect the environment and the wildlife
– Leave no waste

Kayak Paddling
Image from Flickr: via FreeWine

So it fact you mainly need to be looking out for how you behave when kayaking. I think perhaps that is a relief! These were just a few of the ethical kayaking tips that we stumbled upon, if you are planning to take a trip into the great outdoors it’s advisable to look a little further.

And while you’re at it, why not check out some of the great outdoor equipment that you can buy online – after all – it’s best to be prepared for all scenarios!

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