John’s Christmas Letter

Dear Santa…

My Name Is John Hinton, But you can call me (just about) anything, I’m pretty thick skinned!

I’ve been a good boy this year because… well… you have such a positive and optimistic view of people I’m sure you can find some redeeming features buried deep down in me, somewhere….

This is what I would like for Christmas:

1) I would like a Recycled Bottle Light, because It is a genius way to reuse a used wine bottle, and I fully intending emptying quite few bottles this Christmas.  This would be an excellent way of making sure that I don’t over-fill the recycling box!

2) And I would like a Dualit 2 + 1 Toaster Polished Chrome, because I have an undiagnosed phobia of even numbers!  This would be the perfect partner for my unconventional appetite – two isn’t quite enough but four is too much.  What could be better.

3) And I would like Divine Milk Chocolate Minis.  There are precisely 200 reasons why I want this – each one of them is delicious!  I might even share, certainly I’ll share the good news that farmers in Ghana are benefiting, but whether I’ll part with the choc remains to be seen!

Oh and Just One More Thing…

If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be that I keep perspective about what the celebrations are all about – whilst trying to avoid get trapped in a web of sellotape, string and ribbon when attempting to wrap up the presents I’m so fortunate enough to be able to give.

And to listen to my favourite song, which is either Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses or Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie.

When You Come to Visit

The best way to get to my house is by magic.

But Make Sure You’re Careful Of my daughters Cairn terrier  -he’s not ferocious but has a highly inquisitive nature which can make him a bit of a tripping hazard. I’d suggest that you bring him The Organic Pet Jumbo Bone Dog Biscuits 3 pack – Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach & Herb – to ‘immobilise’ him.

When you visit, I promise I’ll leave you out a Smörgåsbord. (Not only do I want you to have a great selection, but the nerd in me wondered just how well our blog could cope with a single word with more than one special character….)

And I’ll leave Rudolph some home-made organic carrot cake.

With Lots of Love

From John x

P.S. I think you do an awesome job 😉

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