Veganism Made Easy With Vegan Tuck Box

vegan-snacks-and-treatsFor months now I’ve been wanting to go Vegan, but I keep thinking about cheese and then changing my mind. The thought of completely removing animal products from our diets can be terribly daunting because it’s just what we are used to as a society and if something is made out to sound difficult then why would we want to try it? But there are people out there who are committed to showing us that we don’t need to give up our favourite, easy snacks – there are alternatives which makes it just that little bit simpler. Two of these people are Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade who founded Vegan Tuck Box together.

With Vegan Tuck Box you can subscribe to a monthly box that contains delicious vegan snacks, it was set up in an attempt to make veganism more accessible for everyone. Rather than having to research every brand you come across or spend time reading labels while out shopping, Vegan Tuck Box have done it for you, and you can either subscribe to a monthly box or buy a one off to test it first. While Vegan Tuck box may not give you vegan meal ideas, it is still great for getting started on the journey to veganism because it gives you great snack ideas and let’s be honest snacks are the most important part of the day – at least for me it is!

Another thing I love about Vegan Tuck Box is that they offer a vegan starter box that contains essentials like non-dairy milk, egg-free mayo and yeast flakes along with treats like the Vego vegan chocolate bar (which is just as tasty as regular chocolate by the way – seriously, taste it), along with other snacks and a cookbook, a nutrition wall chart and two viva guides to answer all of your questions. I think this is a really good idea for those who want to become vegan but don’t know where to start because it’s full of information than you can build on over time – and if you subscribe to the monthly snack box you’ll get even more ideas and it can open your eyes to a world of vegan alternatives.

Contents of the Vegan Starter Box

Contents of the Vegan Starter Box

Chrissy and Kelly are long time vegans so I think it’s safe to assume they know what they are doing. They source vegan products from small companies to help support new and growing vegan companies so that these vegan alternatives can become more widely accessible – if brands become big enough then they’ll be more readily available for all of us! There are even gluten-free vegan boxes available!

Vegan Tuck box


So if you’ve ever wondered what vegans eat then head over to Vegan Tuck Box and experience it for yourself with a monthly snack box subscription from £8.50 Plus you can get 20% off your first box by using the code: BEKIND

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