The Eco Toaster Has Landed!

There has been a significant amount of excitement reverberating around the office today, as this brand new Morphy Richards Ecolectric Toaster burst onto

Ecolectric Toaster

So it looks good, but what exactly is so ethical about this particular eco-friendly toaster?

Well, this little toasting device is truly cunning in the extreme; whilst being aesthically pleasing for those who like to have a trendy kitchen, more importantly the rather snazzy design incorporates a smoothly sliding fully closing lid which keeps the heat in and cooks your toast extra-fast. When monitored with the assistance of a handy Ecosavers Energy Monitor , second for second it does use around the same amount of electricity as the average conventional toaster, but the significant fact is that our new favourite domestic appliance cooks a fantastic slice of breakfast perfection in less than half the time. Ergo – less energy consumption, top notch eco-friendly energy-saving credentials, and great for people such as myself who are rather impatient for their hot and crunchy snacks…

And we should know – a significant proportion of this morning was dedicated to ‘crucial product testing’ and ‘vital experimentation’, involving a rather large loaf of bread which was quickly browned and subsequently demolished.

The results of our rigorous research were conclusive – this new energy-efficient Ecolectric Two Slice Toaster is a must.

And to add to all of this toastalicious excitement, here are our top ten toasty facts for you to consider:

  • 1 –  Toast cannot be faxed
  • 2 –  Toast can never be eaten raw
  • 3 –  Toast is biodegradable
  • 4 –  Toast will not stick to sellotape
  • 5 –  Toast could be made into a hat
  • 6 –  Toast is not USB compatible
  • 7 –  Toast could be Mr. T’s surname
  • 8 –  Toast is not to blame for the weather, blame it on the boogie
  • 9 –  Toast can be used as a frisbee
  • 10 – Toast is its own plural

For these and more insightful toast related facts check out And get munching!

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  • Bob Dobs

    just a few points to think about:

    This toaster uses energy if left plugged in – most toasters don’t, if left plugged in, it would use about 50% of the total energy used to cook four slices of bread to average browness every day. cancelling out its 34% energy saving claims.

    Also the lid feature means you can’t do pittas and you can’t check your bread as it toasts.

    Just because something cooks quickly, doesn’t mean it is more efficient, it can mean it is just a higher powered appliance.

    One thing not mentioned on this or other reviews is whether it has the option of only using one side at a time – this would make a major energy saving when only doing one slice.

    From a design point of view it is all plastic, black and silver plastic.

    Overall good on morphy Richards for trying to release something aimed toward the energy minded of us out there, but why didn’t you think a little harder. Maybe next time.

    This toaster is plastic, black and silver, any other