Teabag Science

It’s a debate that comes up all the time when people try our teas: what is the difference between envelopes and pyramid bags? Which is better?

Well, let’s start at the beginning and look at the difference between two:
Envelope TeabagString, tag and envelope teabags are the standard, rectangular shaped bags you see, often with two sides full of tea leaves. They are either stapled of stitched at the top with a string for easy “mug dunking” and a little tag on the end. These everyday tea bags are often individually wrapped in an envelope or sealed bag within a box to help keep them as fresh as possible.

The pyramid bag is one of the more recent styles which are now readily available in stores nationwide. As the name suggests, when you remove them from their box and stand them on a counter, they sit in a pyramid shape (roughly). Perfect for a quick cuppa and they also come with a “dunkable” string for mugs!

So now we have established the two different styles of bag, but which is better?
Well ultimately, it is down to your own personal tastes and preferences. The envelope bags are individually sealed so that the best possible flavour is achieved out of each bag. The tea is finely cut and able to infuse quickly using four sides of the bag, as the cut is fine and it only takes 2-3 minutes to brew!

With pyramids you get the full loose leaf flavour experience without all of the mess because the leaves are cut thicker and fresher. Due to the larger cut of the leaf or ingredients in the pyramid bags, the quality and strength of your cuppa is hugely improved. The steeping time is a little longer, however the teabags can be re-used up to 3 times per cup depending on your personal taste (We recommend about 4-5 minutes). These bags can be made from silk, nylon, and cornstarch. Our pyramid boxes are also a great present for your tea loving friend or family member!

So there you have it! Start searching for your favourite blend and see which tea bag you prefer.

This post was written by London Tea Company who with their creative and delicious range of teas have set out to bring excitement and creativity back to tea, visit www.londontea.co.uk to find out more.

London Tea Company

London Tea Company have been blending, brewing and drinking teas since 2003, The London Tea Company has set out with their passion for London and exceptional tea expertise, to bring excitement and creativity back into the tea experience.

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