Delicious dairy free milkshakes

Being dairy free doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all the foods you love, and if you’re a big milkshake fan there’s no reason why you have to stop drinking them just because you don’t have cow’s milk.
There are plenty of great dairy free recipes out there to make your milkshake dreams a reality.
Here are a few of our favourites.

Strawberry Milkshake

To make a delicious strawberry milkshake all you have to do is replace dairy with soy, rice or dairy alternatives.
Gather together one 16 oz bag of frozen strawberries (thawed), one teaspoon of maple syrup, a quarter of a cup of coconut milk, a quarter cup of dairy free almond milk, and one quarter of dairy free soy or rice ice cream.
Add all of these ingredients into a blender and blitz until you’re left with a thick and creamy mixture. Milkshakes taste best cold so serve over ice or leave in the fridge for a while before consumption.

Cinnamon and cashew milkshake

If you want something a bit fancy then this is the perfect milkshake to try. It’s really delicious and perfect for the festive season.
Add one third of a cup of raw cashews and a third of a cup of water into a blender and blitz until you have nut milk.
From here add one frozen banana, half a tablespoon of vanilla extract, a large pinch of ground cinnamon and one tablespoon of honey. Blitz until smooth. If you can’t get the desired consistency, add more water.
Finish by adding a cut up banana and a sprinkling of cinnamon to the top.

Chocolate milkshake with a twist

Chocolate milkshake is great but it’s even better when it’s combined with almonds. Add three half cups of dairy-free chocolate ice cream to a quarter cup of chocolate syrup, three teaspoons of almond dairy free milk, and a quarter cup of almond butter. Blitz until smooth.
Serve and add finely chopped dairy free chocolate to the top and finely chopped almonds. If you want to really indulge, add a blob of whipped cream. But be warned, this is a very sweet, rich shake.

Banana milkshake

This is a really easy milkshake to make. Add three sliced bananas to a blender with three half cups of vanilla dairy free ice cream, one tablespoon of honey and a quarter cup of almond milk. Blitz and serve over ice for a refreshing banana taste explosion.

Hot fudge milkshake

Creating a hot fudge milkshake is a bit more complicated but definitely worth the effort. Heat a pan to a low-medium heat and add four tablespoons of coconut oil and 2.5 ounces of dairy free chocolate. Let it melt.
Once it’s melted, add half a cup of full fat coconut milk, a third of a cup of coconut sugar and a quarter of a cup of cocoa. Whisk the mixture. When it’s all melted, take off the heat and pour into a jar. Store this in the fridge.
Then put one cup of vanilla dairy free  ice cream, a three quarter cup of full fat coconut milk, two to three tablespoons of your fudge mixture and three to four ice cubes into a blender. Blitz until smooth and serve. To finish off, reheat your hot fudge mixture that you put in the fridge and pour on top.

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