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Worn Again


You’d be excused for thinking that these would be the kind of items you’d see in a Junk Shop or even at the dump, however the innovative thinkers at Worn Again have snatched up this array of random items, combined them with even more wacky bits of waste, and seen them as an opportunity!

And in fact they probably deserve a medal for it, as not only are they reusing and recycling apparently useless goods, but they are managing to make them into fashionable and funky bags which are bound to be a hit on the high street.

With the recent collapse of the budget airline ‘Zoom’ perhaps we do need to be thinking of new uses for our aeroplanes, but using reclaimed Virgin Atlantic seat covers to create such good looking handbags, satchels and wash bags is truly inspired.

Virgin Atlantic

Any product or idea which contributes towards the campaign to reduce waste has got to be a good idea. Although these offerings from Worn Again are only a fraction of the bag market, what is really significant here is the fact that recycled, reused and reclaimed fashion has become mainstream in recent years, and it’s a trend which is growing.

Check out Telegraph.co.uk for some rather snazzy images of recycled catwalk fashion, but if you can’t quite see yourself decked out in ball dresses created from crisp packets or newspapers, then perhaps the BBC Green website would be more up your street, with all sorts of tips on green fashion, charity shop chic and sustainability.

Aeroplane photo credit to Flickr: Cubbie n Vegas.

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