Say hello to Nancy Dee

We’re delighted to announce we now stock Nancy Dee womenswear. Nancy Dee is a label created in 2008 by sisters Seraphina and Tamsin Davis. Selling designs from a stall on Camden Market led to the creation of the Nancy Dee label that we have for you now.

Nancy D

Nancy Dee Gloria Maxi Dress

The philosophy behind the label is to bring a sustainable and ethical alternative to the mainstream UK fashion market. All the designs are designed and made in Britain to nurture and promote the specialist skills which established Britain’s reputation for quality manufacture. All packaging, printing and labeling is sourced from local businesses while materials are made from renewable sources such as organic cotton, bamboo and soya. Nancy Dee also uses Modal fabrics which are a man-made eco-friendly material originating from beech wood which has the advantage of being able to be washed at a lower temperature.

Nancy Dee

Nancy Dee Carla Poppy Print Dress

One thing we strongly believe in at Ethical Superstore is that products should be made to last, the longer something lasts the less often it needs to be replaced and of course produced. This thought process is something  that  Nancy Dee have always incorporated into their manufacture of their clothes which is more than you can say for many other fashion labels!

So most importantly how do they look?

Well as you can see for yourself the designs are vintage inspired and have an elegant classic feel to them, they aren’t designed to be a one off season fashion fad which will be sitting at the back of your wardrobe next year, they’re designed to be long lasting and versatile.

So it’s down to you, let us know what you think!

This week’s answer: C
According to the Ethical Consumers Market Report 2012, the ethical fashion industry has grown from £5m in 2000, to £150m in 2011, a growth of £145m. 

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