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Nvey Eco Selection Box

Nvey Eco Selection Box

The party season is almost upon us and we all want to look our best; however as the cold weather draws in, memories of summer holidays and healthy looking sun-kissed skin are but a vague memory. We’ve all heard the clichés and deep down we know that beauty is only skin deep, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking after it – after all, your skin plays a crucially important role in protecting all that’s inside from all that’s on the outside.

According to the Green Beauty Bible, as many as 63% of us have sensitive skin. This is partially due to the chemicals in our environment, an enormous global issue to be addressed internationally. However the other significant contributing factor is the sheer number of chemicals that we consume voluntarily ourselves, rubbing, massaging and dusting them into our pores in the guise of moisturisers, concealers, lipsticks and eyeshadows to name but a few of the culprits.

The cruel irony is that a huge majority of the beauty and skin nourishing products on the market today sold to improve our skin are in fact packed full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients which just aren’t good for us. After much negative press coverage, the majority of more savvy cosmetic companies have realised that paraben-free products are the way forwards, however it shouldn’t stop there.

Here at we spend our days searching for new and innovative answers to such problems. One of our latest favourites to keep us all looking and feeling good this winter (and beyond) is the Nvey Eco cosmetic range, a fabulous selection of eye, lip and skin colour enhancements to help you look 100% all of the time, keeping both you and your skin happy with minimal effort and absolutely no chemical content whatsoever. Their organic range is guaranteed paraben, petrochemical, propylene glycol, Sodium Laurel Sulphate and synthetic fragrance free, as well as being sworn enemies of all that is genetically modified or tested on animals. Instead they use fully natural ingredients; beeswax, plant and vegetable oils, and naturally sourced vitamins to keep your skin naturally beautiful.

This gorgeous range ticks all of the boxes – as well as following a fantastic natural and organic philosophy, it looks great on every count. The colours are naturally sourced and long-lastingly beautiful, the compacts come complete with mini-mirrors, and even the ingredients listings look good to us.

As well as organic cosmetics, check out our whole range of bath and showers treats, natural remedies and anti-allergy products to help keep you buzzing through the winter months. As the Christmas party invites arrive, go natural to make sure you’re glowing on the outside as well as within.

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