Ethical fashion, fashionable ethics…

See photo credit at the bottom of this post.

See photo credit at the bottom of this post.

With London Fashion Week kicking off today, the beautiful, the big, the brash and the bold will be amassing in the capital, ready to strut their stuff.

London Fashion WeekThe fashion world may traditionally be considered the realm of extreme glitz and glamour, but this doesn’t exclude ethical fashion brands, which are becoming progressively more mainstream every year.

Esthethica is the name at the centre of London’s ethical fashion industry, showcasing Fairtrade, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion at the Designer’s Exhibition all week. This is great news for ethical style worldwide, as London has always been recognised as a trendsetter in all things à la mode. Those involved in this movement range from well known names such Oxfam and People Tree to a wide ranging list of less known designers, but whether these are recognised or not, one thing is significant – ethical clothing moving to the forefront of fashion, which really is good news.

Check back on How Ethical’s post on Orla Kielly’s contribution to ethical fashion as well as Worn Again recycled designer bags to see how you can get your own piece of ethical designer chic.

Photos via Flickr: Abby Cattermole and Julianne.hide

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