A Force for Good

These are exciting times. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with Natural Collection, our companies are merging to create a single combined business to offer ethical consumers the very best in eco-friendly, organic and fair trade products. The combined business will continue trading under both names using both online and mail order catalogue to reach our customers.

Natural Collection, founded in 1999 by Julian and Joanne Spector, is a pioneering mail order retailer who offers consumers natural and organic products through the pages of its catalogue and online shop. A three-time winner of The Observer’s Ethical Awards and positive voice for change in the sector, www.naturalcollection.com has blazed a trail on ethical retail even before it became fashionable.

Here at Ethicalsuperstore.com, we’re the younger of the two companies, founded in 2004 by Vic Morgan and Andy Redfern, as the one-stop shop for fair trade, organic and eco-friendly products.  With a range of over 5000 products, our aim is to empower producers both locally and globally.

“Joining forces will enable both companies to build for an exciting future and to steer a good path through the challenging retail environment.” commented Andy Redfern, the CEO of the merged business. Joanne Spector, co-founder of Natural Collection added “Our new partnership creates great energy as we join together in our drive to promote fair trade and ecological products, which is especially important during a time when producers need the most support”.

With a shared mission to put the ethical consumer first, the combined organisation will continue to empower consumers to play an even greater role in defining the future of shopping. Pioneering a new era of information-intensive shopping we will enable shoppers to make more sustainable decisions.  “‘Hippy’ has evolved into ‘hip’ as ethical products now range from eco-gadgets to fair trade gourmet coffees.” added Vic Morgan, co-founder of the EthicalSuperstore.com “Despite adverse economic climate this team has no intention of being held back.  Together we are stronger”

Julian Spector said “We see tremendous growth opportunities in the UK market. Both companies are perfectly aligned with a common vision; by working together we can offer a blend of expertise which means we can be relied on as a one-stop-shop for all your ethical needs.”

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  • Victor Morgan

    To us, the merger of Ethicalsuperstore.com and Natural Collection is about keeping the hope for a sustainable economy alive (covering fair trade, organic, ecological, local, and healthy living) while doing our best to run a sustainable business, which is not easy in the current economic climate. If social businesses are going to have any real impact in building a more sustainable world, we feel consumers should have a choice other than just dealing with high street retailers whose ethical trading initiatives are a small part of what they do. And part of that means competing more effectively with the big guys – to put this into perspective, current turnover of our combined business is about what Tesco banks in 1 hour. But more fundamentally, if social businesses are going to contribute to solving the global economic mess, then the businesses that make up this sector need to rise to the challenge by re-committing themselves to growing both the social AND business aspects of their social businesses. Becoming more open as organisations is key, including listening more to ethical consumers, producers and working more closely with like-minded partners and collaborators. We’re doing our best, and we welcome you to join us (and challenge us) on the journey.

    Vic Morgan
    Co-founder Ethicalsuperstore.com