Summer days, drifting away…

With the schools starting up again this week and September well and truly under way, it’s time for us all to start thinking about Autumn. For those amongst us who love Autumnal colours and the crunch of fallen leaves this is all very well, but what about the rest of us who need to stock up our memories of summer for the dark days to come…?



Image via Flickr: Anataman

The BBC tells us that this August has been the gloomiest on record since UK records began, which makes it the least summery summer for at least 242 years – there hasn’t been an August with less sunbathing on the cards since the reign of George III – if not earlier!

If this kind of news doesn’t lead to thoughts about thoughts about climate change then I don’t know what will. DEFRA describes climate change as the ‘greatest environmental challenge facing the world today”, and although we don’t appear to be seeing the direct effects of global warming in the mercury of our thermometers, with Arctic ice melt becoming an increasingly serious issue, there are other problems in the offing.

So it’s time to for everyone to start taking notice of their carbon footprint: buy eco-friendly, use energy efficient gadgets and pay carbon offsets if and when you can.

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