One man and his shed . . .

Alas, National Shed Week has come to a triumphant end! If, like me, you yearn for a simpler time where man and shed were as one and hours could be spent pottering and tinkering in your wooden retreat, then check out the National Shed Week finalists and be inspired to get creative!

Of course, it’s not just about a pub-shed, or creating bike storage, a shed can be the hub from which you begin a regime of great British gardening. Plant some bulbs, grow your own veg, live on what you plant yourself! This is not only an extremely satisfying way of living, but can prove cost effective and reduce the impact that your weekly shop or trips to grocers has on the environment!

Ethical Superstore has some great stuff that would make any shed enthusiast, sustainable gardener, or wannabe compost king whoop with delight! There’s the shed light which works via solar power ensuring that you can always see what you’re doing, the brilliant potting shed kit which includes everything you need to get going, and a wide range of composting and water saving solutions!

So, you don’t need to have an award winning shed to do your bit to live sustainably, reduce your environmental impact, and have a great time in your garden! Just check out the links above, get creative, and do your bit!

One man (or woman!) and his/her shed can really make a difference!

If you do have a shed, organic garden, or vegetable patch that you want to share with us, please feel free to do so!

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