Have you cottoned on to real nappies?

A happy baby, sometime yesterday.

There’s always a lot of controversy around the topic of reusable nappies. After all, having a baby is a sure fire way to increase your carbon footprint. There’s all the extra energy that a washing machine needs to heat the water etc.

Introducing Gary Lamont, the Real Nappy Guy from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Gary’s job is to promote the use of real nappies, so here are all the answers about using cloth nappies and how they’re better for babies.

Find out more about using cloth nappies »

What do you think? Should we be encouraging the use of reusable, washable nappies? Or should we be using something like Moltex – the eco-friendly disposable nappy. Or, in these times of economic uncertainty, should we all be jumping in our Hummers and heading down to Tesco to buy the biggest economy pack of <insert popular brand name here> we can find?


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