Disasters Emergency Committee: Nepal Earthquake Appeal

The number of those killed in the earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday has risen above 6,000, and millions more are still feeling the devastating effects. Whole villages have been raised to the ground, hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless and are still sleeping outside, and so many are still unaccounted for. It’s been difficult for rescuers to reach remote villages because they’ve been cut off by landslides and the weather is restricting access.


The Disasters Emergency Committee launched their Nepal Earthquake appeal just under a week ago and have already raised over £26 million – but they still need your help. We’ve supported the DEC for a long time, their work is so important in ensuring lives are saved during horrific disasters. If you’ve bought from us before you’ll know through our checkout you can donate any amount to one of the charities we’ve teamed up with, and right now you can choose the DEC’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal. So many people are living without food or running water, the things we do and always will take for granted, just a small donation of £5 will help.

This is an incredibly important cause to us as we have many Fair Trade suppliers who work with skilled artisans in Nepal. We’ve been reaching out to as many suppliers as we can and been receiving updates, thankfully so far there have been no fatalities reported, however many workers have lost their homes and for some that means their livelihood. Please donate whatever you can to the DEC so they can continue their amazing work and hopefully the citizens of Nepal will get back on their feet and we can keep supporting small business and local artisans in the area who create some really incredible products.

For more information visit www.dec.org.uk

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