Wear It Pink

bcc-logoThe pink ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness Month October were both introduced to the UK almost 20 years ago. Breast Cancer awareness month exists to help people be better aware of the common symptoms and better equipped to seek guidance as early as possible which increases their chance of survival. Awareness is growing every year but there is still need to reach out to more people. The pink ‘jigsaw piece’ logo symbolises the missing pieces of the puzzle that are the cure for breast cancer.

IMG_9228This Friday, the 24th of October is ‘Wear it Pink’ day, when we are encouraged to wear the official colour adopted by the Breast Cancer Campaign to raise awareness. Here in the office we’ll be joining in, donating at least £1 each to the campaign and we invite you to do the same. Take the day to do some fundraising in your workplace, encourage colleagues to wear it pink and raise awareness of the disease which is the most common form of Cancer in the UK.

We now also stock a range of kitchenware from the Breast Cancer Campaign, with 10% of profits from the sale of these going to the organisation to help with research into the disease, and hopefully to help find a cure.

So take a look at our Breast Cancer Campaign range, and if you want to wear it pink on Friday we have a few products that will help you!

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