Get To Know Green People

logoIn our quest to empower you to make feel good choices when it comes to your skin care, we’d like to introduce you to Green People. Now, Green People are not a new brand, they have been around for nearly twenty years and we have been selling their natural cosmetics range since the beginning of Ethical Superstore so it’s probably a good time to get to know the brand.

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Green People was established in 1997, but the real story started three years before with Charlotte and her two-year-old daughter Sandra who suffered from multiple skin allergies and eczema – conditions that were worsened by the chemicals found in regular skin care products and everyday toiletries. While most people are encouraged to start their own business because they wish to be their own boss, make more money or start something new, for Charlotte it was all about finding a way to help treat the skin conditions her daughter was suffering from.

Now, fast forward three years to the creation of Green People, a brand founded on ethical principles ensuring that product performance and practice would never be sacrificed for profit. Green People stands out from regular cosmetics brands because they are committed to producing all natural skin care made with organic ingredients certified by three different bodies – The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation and EcoCert. They promise to never use synthetic ingredients and irritating chemicals that can be found in mainstream brands, so you won’t find sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol (ethanol) or synthetic fragrances or colourants in any Green People products (which are also completely cruelty free)!


I think it’s easy to see why we would choose to offer this great brand to you, certified organic with all natural ingredients means these products are much better for you as well as being kind to the environment, it’s a win-win! But their great work goes deeper than just what they make, in 1999 Charlotte approached the Soil Association to encourage the organisation to create standards for organic health and beauty products at a time when you only needed 1% of natural ingredients to call your products ‘natural’. Charlotte was invited to be on the committee and Green People have had a huge role in designing and setting natural and organic cosmetic standards.

I’m not expecting you to take our word on the high quality of these products, personally I have used a few and honestly I think they’re great, they smell gorgeous and make my skin feel soft and refreshed – more so than any artificial additive infused cosmetics! However, Green People is an award winning brand, and I don’t know about you but to me that means something. It proves that these products have performed above and beyond others – Green People won 36 awards in 2014 alone!

To enable you make informed, ethical choices, we like to offer the widest range possible so that there is something for everyone, and Green People helps us with their unscented range for extra sensitive skin and products made specifically for baby & child so parents can be safe in the knowledge that there little ones are not being exposed to potentially harmful and irritating chemicals. Make the choice that makes you feel good.

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