Buy British Day

3rd Oct MorningToday is the first ‘Buy British Day’, launched by Best of Britannia to encourage people to buy more British made products, whether that means more UK fashion, designer items or food made right here in Britain.

The day was launched to coincide with Antony Wallis’ ‘Best of Britannia’ event in London over the weekend which brings together over 200 British Brands under one roof, celebrating British Industry and the high quality products on offer. The idea is that Buy British Day will help to educate British consumers about the top quality goods that are produced in the UK, and while these products might be more expensive they are worth it.

best of britannia

But what’s the point? Why should we buy British? Well buying products from a British company supports our economy. At every level of production a British person is being paid for their work, money they will put back into our economy, it’s this boost that helps create employment and apprenticeship opportunities. One of our newest suppliers, ashortwalk, manufacture all of their products in the UK out of recycled materials and every part of production is British, from the company that collects the recycled yoghurt pots to the people putting together the finished item. Creating something completely British means that around 38 companies directly benefit, as oppose to the 5 British companies that benefit from items made abroad.

Have a look at some of our UK made brands such as Bulldog, Faith in Nature, Doves Farm, Nourish, Nancy Dee, LA Jewellery and Stuart Gardiner to name just a few. You’ll find a wealth of everyday products from fashion to groceries, made to the highest standards so you can help us to support British businesses.

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