Author: Peter Leatherland

Pick up your order

Pick up your order with DPD Pickup

If you’ve shopped recently you may have noticed a nice shiny new DPD Pickup option available! We are always keen to make sure everything is made as easy as possible to order from us...

7 Facts for Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

7 Fairtrade Facts for Fairtrade Fortnight

With it being Fairtrade Fortnight we thought we’d give you a few interesting facts around Fairtrade: The UK’s first Fairtrade labelled product was Green & Black’s Maya Gold Dark Chocolate introduced in 1994. Chocolate...

Organics from Cafedirect

Celebrate Organic September with Cafédirect

This month we’re celebrating the yearly nation-wide campaign from the Soil Association, Organic September. The initiative aims to promote organic farming and products and provide the public with engaging information about organic practices. That’s...