Author: Leanne Johnson

Fairtrade Easter

Go Fairtrade this Easter

Fairtrade Easter eggs have never been better, and you can enjoy your delicious Easter chocolate treats with the knowledge that your purchase helped the lives of farmers and communities across the world. Read on...

Fairtrade empowers women - the Fairtrade Foundation

How Fairtrade empowers women

One benefit of Fairtrade that some people may not know about is how Fairtrade empowers women. This Fairtrade Fortnight, we take a look at how Fairtrade favourites like Divine Chocolate, Cafedirect, Equal Exchange and...

Don't Step on a Bee Day 2017

Don’t Step on a Bee Day!

Yep, that’s a real thing! ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day‘ aims to raise awareness of our native bees and how much we depend on them. We actually have hundreds of types of bees...